Tips For Giving The Best Blow Job Ever

The subject of oral sex can be a tricky one for some women. Whether it’s giving or receiving, it just isn’t always as intuitive as penetrative sex. In other words, you must learn. It takes a lot of time and patience, but also plenty of enthusiasm for the job.

When it comes to oral sex, the most common complaint among men is that their lovers treat it like a chore. They may try to rush and accidentally cause discomfort. They might just be visibly bored or uninterested. Either way, it’s a major turn off. So, for ladies, the best advice is to venture south only if you have a genuine interest in driving your man wild.

These tips and tricks will give you some advice on how to give the best blow job ever.

Don’t Rush

This is very important. While you don’t have to spend hours down there, moving too fast and hard can cause pain. The penis needs warming up and stimulating first, with light touches and soft, gentle licks and strokes. If you can, forget about the ‘end result.’ Just focus on giving as much pleasure as you can and you’ll have your guy moaning in no time.

Matchstick Method

The matchstick method refers to the fact that penises are ‘hotter’ at the tip (the head and frenulum). While a great blow job plays with as much of the penis as possible (tip, shaft, and base), this is where you’ll get the most intense response. Focus your tongue action here, by alternating between flicking, swirling, licking, and teasing.

Wetter Is Better

It can feel a little gross to be drooling all over a guy (and your hands), but the reality is that the wetter your blowjob, the more pleasurable it will be. Plus, most men are instinctively turned on natural moistness in this area, as it makes the mouth feel even more like a vagina (yes, really). If you struggle to produce a lot of ‘natural lube,’ keep a glass of water or juice close by and sup up when you need a breather.

A Discreet Decision

To swallow not to swallow, that is the question. Either way, it is best to try and be cool about it. Most guys do feel a bit disheartened if a girl makes a big show of getting rid of their semen as quickly as possible. So, even if you’re not into the idea of swallowing, you can be sensitive by keeping a tissue next to the bed. Just don’t immediately run to the bathroom like you’ve got molten lava on your tongue.

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